Introduction - TaxiCash?

What is the core issue TaxiCash project is trying to address?

How will passengers or customers benefit from this TaxiCash Project

How will buyers benefit from TaxiCash Project

What are the legal considerations of TaxiCash?

How will TaxiCash actually work and be used?

What is the significance of the TaxiCash Patent?

Can you please explain more about Driverless Cars and GPS Analytics

Who are primary Blockchain Technology partners of TaxiCash?

What is the schedule of TaxiCash ICO

What are the actual details TaxiCash ICO coin release and payment methods?

What is the value of the funding TaxiCash wants to raise?

Where can I purchase TaxiCash Tokens and what is the minimum and maximum quantity?

When will the TaxiCash Tokens be issued and what is the protocol you will use?

When will TaxiCash Tokens be listed and on which exchanges?

Are there any restrictions or special requirements to purchase TaxiCash Tokens?

What is the schedule of TaxiCash development roadmap for 2018 and 2019?