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2% of total ICO collection is allocated for Bounty Program

Telegram 15% 1500
Facebook 15% 1500
Twitter 10% 1000
You Tube 20% 2000
BitCoinTalk.org 20% 2000
Blogs 20% 2000

What is Taxicash Bounty program?

A bounty program is a set of defined social media marketing tasks that have been offered by the company to anyone that wishes to complete them for a financial reward. The purpose of the TaxiCash Bounty program is to market TaxiCash ICO for the pre-sale and public sale events. Significant financial rewards are offered by TaxiCash for active participants of various Bounty programs

Where do I view available TaxiCash bounties?

TaxiCash bounties are described and available in individual member areas in the website www.taxicash.io. Once you register in the website, you then can access the Bounty program and participate in any number of them.

What or who is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is a participating individual that completes bounty tasks in exchange for payment available at the end of the ICO program. TaxiCash Bounty program is available to all registered participants who are considered as TaxiCash Bounty hunters.

What are the conditions to participate in the TaxiCash Bounty programs?

The conditions are:

  1. You need to be registered member in the www.taxicash.io website
  2. Make positive contributions about TaxiCash and promote the ICO on various platforms.
  3. To be paid the final reward, you must have purchased the TaxiCash tokens for the minimum value of US$100.00 or equivalent during the pre-sale or public sale phase.

What are the Bounty programs available for TaxiCash ICO?

In general, the TaxiCash offers Telegram bounty, Facebook bounty, Twitter bounty, YouTube bounty, Bitcointalk signature Bounty, Articles & Blogposts bounties

The bounty programs on offer are:

  1. Telegram group bounty - Enrolment in TaxiCash Telegram group and joining members in TaxiCash telegram group and performing specific tasks.
  2. Facebook bounty - Joining TaxiCash Facebook group and performing specific task
  3. Twitter bounties - Joining TaxiCash twitter group using #TaxiCash for tweeting and re-tweeting TaxiCash information to followers
  4. YouTube bounties - Join TaxiCash YouTube Channel, view videos, create your own YouTube videos on various aspects of the TaxiCash ICO Whitepaper and TaxiCash proposal and advantages and posts in your own channels and promote. Higher the number of your followers higher would be your reward.
  5. Bitcointalk signature bounty - Create new discussion groups and threads on Bitcointalk.org and promote TaxiCash ICO. Defend and promote virtues of TaxiCash program and Whitepaper
  6. Article and Blog bounties - Write positive articles in various blog sites as well as in Bitcoin forums on TaxiCash venture and ICO Whitepaper. Minimum word count 200 words.

Details, conditions and rewards are provided in the individual bounty sections within the member area.

What are the specific tasks that can earn rewards under each of the Bounty programs?

Each bounty program has many tasks that reward participants handsomely. These are listed in the member area under each Bounty program.

The minimum requirements are different for every bounty task. You can find the exact guidelines within the member area under each individual bounty tasks.

The rewards also vary for each of the tasks within each of the Bounty program. These are also specified within the member area.

Higher your social media presence and influence higher would be the rewards for you on successfully completing the bounty tasks.

How many Bounty programs can one person participate?

There is no limit to the number of programs one can participate.

How many persons can participate in any one bounty task?

There is no limit as to how many can participate in any one bounty program.

How much reward is on offer?

Total amount of funds allocated for reward payments for the TaxiCash Bounty program is 2% of total ICO funds collected. All Rewards will be paid in equivalent Ethers.

Within this 2% of total amount, the maximum pay out for each of the bounty program is as follows:

Telegram Bounty - 15%, Facebook Bounty – 15%, Twitter – 10%, YouTube - 20%, Bitcointalk.org – 20%, Blog posts – 20%

How is the final reward calculated?

Within each Bounty program, each task is assigned reward amount in "Number of Stakes". Once the tasks have been completed, the participant makes a claim for the reward with proof provided for verification by the TaxiCash team. Once TaxiCash Team confirms the successful completion of tasks, they will approve the claim and members will be credited with the reward "Stakes". The rewards will be shown in member area personalised dashboard.

This process will be done for all participants (TaxiCash bounty hunters) and finally all stakes within each bounty program will be added and value for a single stake will be determined based on total successful stakes accumulated and allocated fund for the particular bounty program. Based on one’s cumulative approved stakes, the reward will be then be calculated for each member. The rewards will be paid out in equivalent Ethers on completion of the successful ICO

Is there a maximum number of submissions a bounty hunter can make within each bounty program?

Yes, there is a limit for each Bounty Hunter submissions within each bounty program. This is specified within the member area

How do I submit completed TaxiCash bounties?

Each completed task within each of the Bounty programs are submitted as “Claims” which will need to be accompanied by evidence by means such as links or other methods. The evidence should be easily verifiable by the TaxiCash administrators. Details are provided within the Member area of the TaxiCash website.

When are rewards paid?

Rewards will be paid at within 2 weeks of the end of the successful ICO public sale.

How will I know how much of rewards I have earned?

Rewards (in number of stakes) are shown in the individual member area for each of the Bounty program. The Dash Board shows the approved rewards as well as claims (yet to be processed by TaxiCash team).

How much can I earn as a bounty hunter if I complete TaxiCash bounties?

That depends on the type of bounty task. The biggest rewards are for YouTube, Bitcointalk.org participation and blogs. The details of rewards are available within the member area.