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Upto 5% of total ICO collection is allocated for Affiliate Program

Receive 1% - 5% of your affiliate purchase as bonus.

Referred Users % Bonus
1-10 1%
11-20 2%
21-50 3%
51-100 4%
> 100 5%

What is TaxiCash Affiliate Marketing program?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing a business or event where the affiliate (the middleman between buyer and seller) earns commission by referring /linking/ recommending the buyer to the product or services from the seller. Whenever the buyer purchased anything through the affiliate's affiliate link, the affiliate earns commission from the seller.

TaxiCashTM affiliate program rewards the affiliate members if they enrol new members and when the new members purchase the TaxiCash tokens. The affiliate will earn a percentage of the total token purchase value.

In the case of TaxiCashTM ICO anyone can become an affiliate to earn extra passive income.

Where do I view available TaxiCashTM Affiliate program details?

TaxiCashTM affiliate program is details are available in individual member areas in the website www.taxicash.io. Once you register in the website, you then can access the affiliate program.

As soon as you have registered, an affiliate code is assigned to you. In addition, you will be provided with an affiliate link incorporating your affiliate code that you can email to any prospective TaxiCashTM token buyers.

You referred members must use your affiliate code to become members in the TaxiCashTM website and purchase TaxiCashTM tokens. Then you will be entitled for a percentage of their total purchase amount as a reward.

What are the conditions to participate in the TaxiCashTM Affiliate program?

The conditions are:

  1. You need to be a registered member in TaxiCashTM website
  2. You should have purchased TaxiCashTM tokens at least to the minimum value of US$100.00
  3. Actively market TaxiCashTM token sale, attract new customers to become members and purchase TaxiCashTM tokens. This is when you will be entitled to payments.

What is an Affiliate code?

An affiliate code is a code [sets of digits and characters] assigned to you once you have registered in the website www.taxicash.io. All members that sign up and become members will be automatically assigned an affiliate code.

In addition to the code, the members will be also provided with an affiliate link that they can provide to potential members to use when they become members in TaxiCashTM website.

How does the Affiliate program work?

For you to earn passive income, you will need to market TaxiCashTM to known persons and provide them with your affiliate link. The new person will use this link to come to TaxiCashTM website and register as a new member.

Once the new member has registered, a percentage of the any purchase of TaxiCashTM tokens that is made by this member will be paid to you as a reward. The new member is permanently linked to you.

The reward percentages are available in the member area.

It should be remembered that only when the new member purchases TaxiCashTM tokens would the affiliate be entitled for reward.

As up to 5% of the ICO funds collected can be earned as affiliate bonus, it will be worthwhile for affiliates to attract as many new members as possible.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn via the affiliate program?

No there are no limits. Higher the members you introduce more money you could make as long as the new members purchase the TaxiCashTM tokens.

How many persons can participate in the affiliate program?

There is no limit as to how many can participate in the affiliate program

How much reward is on offer?

Total amount of funds allocated for reward payments for the TaxiCashTM affiliate program is 5% of total TaxiCashTM tokens subscribed during the ICO sale period. All Rewards will be paid in equivalent Ethers.

Can I market TaxiCashTM ICO to attract new members for registering in TaxiCashTM website and make purchase?

Of course. You may use your own social media channels, or you may use paid advertising methods at your own expense to get new members to join TaxiCashTM website and purchase TaxiCashTM tokens. As the rewards are attractive, you may spend your own money to attract more members to TaxiCashTM website and encourage them to purchase TaxiCashTM tokens.

When Will I start making money?

You will start making money as soon as the members you have introduced start to purchase TaxiCashTM tokens. An account will be maintained of your earnings throughout the sale period.

The reward will be released to you only at the end of the ICO sale period.

Can I see the details of members I have introduced and their purchase amounts and my earnings?

Yes. These will be displayed on a dashboard within your member area. You will see a table of your affiliate code, the members that joined using your code, the amount spent by these new members and your earnings.

Can the new members I introduced themselves become affiliate marketeers? Would I earn a share of their new members?

Yes, the new members will also be eligible to become affiliate marketeers for TaxiCashTM.

However, you will not be entitled to obtain any rewards from their efforts of them brining new members. Only they will be entitled for the rewards for their effort.