Australian Innovation. Patented* Crypto for the Taxi Industry.

ICO Stage Bonus Start Progress
Pre-sale 50% TBA TBA
Stage 1 30% TBA TBA
Stage 2 20% TBA TBA
Stage 3 10% TBA TBA
Stage 4 5% TBA TBA

TaxiCash is a new, patent pending blockchain-based payment solution for the taxi industry, eliminating the inefficiencies of the current system with cashless, digital technology. It will revolutionise payment processing in the taxi and limousine sector and other allied industries.


What is TaxiCash?

  • Caters to US$ 130+ billion taxi industry worldwide
  • Patented Technology
  • Blockchain based decentralized, secure Crypto Token
  • Simple Mobile App for drivers and riders
  • No need to carry Credit Cards or Cash
  • Significant reduction in transaction costs
  • Global currency - no overseas transaction cost
  • Expensive Merchant facilities not required
  • Transaction Settlements within seconds
  • Immediate Liquidity in local currency
  • Application in Driverless Taxis

How TaxiCash Works?

  • Drivers and Riders download TaxiCash Mobile App
  • Riders buy TaxiCash via Mobile App
  • Riders are ready to use TaxiCash Worldwide
  • Riders pay Taxi fare using TaxiCash Tokens
  • Riders receives paid E-Invoice in Local Currency
  • Driver receives payment settlement immidately
  • For payouts Drivers convert TaxiCash to Local Currency

TaxiCash Advantages

  • Worlds first cryptocurrency for Taxi Industry
  • Patent (pending) and Trademark protected
  • Lowest Transaction Processing Charges
  • Payment settlements within seconds
  • Developed and backed by Taxi Industry Experts
  • Australian Registred Legal Entity
  • Futeristic applications for ridesharing and driverless vehicles

TaxiCash Purchase Opportunities

  • 80 million TaxiCash Token servicing US$ 130+ billion Taxi Industry
  • ICO at US$ 1.00 each - potential for huge capital gains
  • Innovative Technology Patent (Pending)
  • Backed by Australian Registered Company
  • Backed by Taxi Industry Experts
  • Supported by Australian Taxi and Limousine operators
  • Future Integration with Ridesharing and Driverless Taxis

Total 100 million
Public 80 million
Retained 20 million*
* 5 million for each group of promoters, the development team, industry partners and a contingency reserve

TaxiCash Tokens Currency
1 US $1.00
600 1 Ether (approx. only)
6300 1 BTC (approx. only)
TaxiCash Roadmap
  • Initial infrastructure setup
  • Platform development & mobile applications
  • Platform extensions and maintenance
  • Driverless industry technology integration
  • Targeted worldwide marketing
  • Drivers and riders – worldwide advertising
  • Demand generation and digital media
  • Industry alliance development
  • Continuous R&D – for technology change
  • Innovations within Blockchain technology
  • Product improvement R&D activities
  • Adaption for future trends and technology
  • Product development and marketing
  • Discretionary buyback of tokens
  • Cash flow management
  • Contingency for marketing activities


steve kanthan
anirvan mahalanabis
stan palintinis
john fear


vange siranos
patrick brown
bill angelisdis
sukalyan debsigha


paul kariotis
steve davey
sri darren
adam flynn

What is Taxicash?

Taxicash is a crypto token that can be used to pay for travel in various type vehicles including Taxis, hire cars, limousines, driverless (future) cars, ride sharing cars and other modes of transport. It is based on a Trademarked, patented peer to peer decentralised system specifically tailor made for the transport industry. The practical usage is via a mobile phone platform that can be used instantaneously or in a pre-booked manner. Taxicash will reduce the travel costs by at least 13%.

Who is behind Taxicash?

Taxicash has been conceived and sponsored by Chauffeur Live Pty Ltd., an Australian registered company. The Company provides premium taxi / hire car / limousine services to customers all over Australia, New Zealand and UK. The personnel behind Taxicash are from Hire car / Limousine / Taxi and transport industry that fully understand the issues of the travel industry. The excessive payment processing charges imposed by third parties such as credit card organisations and banks, amounting to about 13% can be eliminated by the adaptation of Taxicash.

What problem does Taxicash solve?

Passengers use their credit/debit cards for paying Taxi/Ride sharing fares. Currently banks have designed the model for payments in taxis in such a way that they attract a huge transaction fees. This has pushed the fares up to the the tune of 13-15%.

Taxicash eliminates this transaction cost significantly for passengers upto 5-6% and for drivers upto 7-8%. An overall reduction of estimated 13% will have far reaching effects on taxi market that transacts US$ 130 Billion a year.

Why an ICO for Taxicash

To develop the platform and the marketing of Taxicash to be a true global phenomenon, significant effort and expenses will be required. The Taxicash ICO is expected to raise US$ 30Million that will be spent towards this effort. A 2-year financial cash flow estimate has been developed to justify the expenditure plan.

Why should I invest in Taxicash?

Taxicash tokens could become the future of payment systems for most of world travel including taxis, hire cars, driverless cars, ride sharing cars and air travel. The value of the tokens will vary throughout, based on demand and supply. Taxicash tokens are issued at huge discount during the ICO period and purchasers may expect significant price uplift post listing of these tokens. These tokens can be retained for future travel needs when the platform and mobile applications are developed, marketed and ready for use.

Are there any restrictions in purchasing?

Taxicash can be purchased during the ICO phase by anyone except, persons / entities from the United States of America. The purchasers will have to provide their name, email address and country information only. Each person that buys Taxicash tokens shall check with their own country regulations whether they can buy the tokens and are responsible themselves for the purchase.

Tokens can be purchased by individuals, companies, institutions, and any other legal entities.

How do I purchase Taxicash token

Taxicash tokens can be purchased from our website www.taxicash.io by pressing the BUY NOW link.

Please follow the following steps.

  1. You would need to provide your name, email address and country (some restrictions applies).
  2. Select the number of token you would like to purchase. (Minimum cap - 100 Tokens applies)
  3. Select your payment method - BTC, ETH, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash. Follow the instructions further.
  4. Finally, agree to our Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy

What is the Minimum number of Taxicash Tokens I can buy?

The minimum number of tokens to be purchased is 100. The monetary vale of this minimum limit is US $100.00.

When will I receive my Taxicash tokens?

Your individual token balances will appear in your own member area. However, tokens will be transferred to your wallet only at the end of the ICO period.

How do I exchange my Taxicash tokens?

Tokens can be exchanged post the ICO when the tokens will be listed in exchanges in Australia and overseas. Details of the participating exchanges will be provided as soon as available.